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My life began with the 1976 World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) in Kansas City, where I found the world I belonged in. I've been active in convention planning and running ever since, mostly with ConQuesT and ConTraception in KC. I edited the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (KaCSFFS) newsletter, "Cacophony," for 10 years. I designed, edited and produced at least 16 Program Books for ConQuesT, and served as production monkey for the KaCSFFS Press for its three releases to date (see www.kacsffs.org for details). I was Production Manager, a reviewer and the back legs of "Tangent," a short fiction review zine that was nominated for the Hugo three consecutive years in the late '90s.

I live in a poly triad with my wife of 29 years and my wife of 13 years (it was 1991 when we were thrown in a tent for the evening, but I'm counting from when we all started living together fulltime). We held a commitment ceremony in 2006 at ConQuesT to celebrate our relationship and our lives together. I have had a serious relationship with someone who lives half a continent away since 2002. We don't see each other nearly often enough. And there's a few friends I sometimes see at conventions once or twice a year. "Complex" is a good word.

My philosophy of life at this point is this: I like my beer craft-brewed, my cigars hand-rolled (virgin thighs optional, but always appreciated) and my whisky single-malt and old enough to marry in Mississippi.